Dance Hard Die Hard badman Hyperkid (aka Knight Call) has put together a saucy little juke mix just as the weather heats up here in Cincinnati!  He got dem cuts from Riff Raff, Leatherface, Prime Slime, Candyman, DJ Spinn and more.  Crank this shit and step ya footwork game up!

Grab the mix HERE!  (right click > save target as > twerk)

As always - PLEASE repost if you’re feelin it, leave a little love, and drop Hyperkid a tweet @djhyperkid

<3 <3



Us dudes at Dance Hard Die Hard are very pleased to introduce DJ HYPER KID to our semi-illustrious and full-blown sleazy roster/website/whatever-you-call-it!  Dis MF'er goes dumb Lunchables to the sounds of trap, juke, Baltimore and all things street!  Here are two mixes to get you started, to get you hip, and to get you ratchet…  Wait, scratch that last one, I don’t think people say that anymore.  Grip dat wood grain and turn up your Alpine cuz these will have you Movin’ Like Berney all the way to the bar for a nice, refreshing Harlem shake in no time!

Hyper Kid’s Introduction (Right Click > Save Target As > Shake Dat A$$)

THAT FUTURE TRAP SHIT (right click > save target as > hit them switches!)

Salute our new soldier and send some <3 his way by sharing these on any & every website you can!  Thank you guys *so* much  -DHDH