Podcast #24

I know it’s been several weeks since the last podcast, and for that I’m sorry.  A whole big bunch has happened since then, but now I’m back on track and should be able to deliver these bad mf’ers at least semi-regularly now!


T99 - Anastasia (Blame remix)
Jayline - Spirit of Kings
Moby - After (Drumsound & Bassline Smith mix)
Trei - Mumbo Jumbo
Eddie Sanchez - It’s Not Over
Danbwoy - From ‘93 With Love
Danny Byrd Ft. Tomahawk - Hot Fuzz
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Blame Remix)
Magical Gravity - Best Of Friends
Fourward - Nova
Eddie Sanchez - Demons
Skream ft. Sam Frank - Anticipate (Netsky remix)
Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Loadstar Remix)
Sub Jams - Ricochet (Drumsound remix)
Erbalist, Locked - Inventory
Camo & Krooked - Cryptkeeper
Genetic Bros. - Every Day of My Life
Artificial Intelligence - Uprising (Dillinja remix)
Rollz - Soul Calibur
Sigma ft. a bunch of dudes - Night & Day
Metrik ft. Kathy Brown - I See You
Breezeblock & Synkro - Too Late
Camo & Krooked - Cross the Line (Metrik remix)
London Elektricity - Meteorites (Danny Byrd remix) 

Gurn through the heavens HERE HERE HERE! (remember to right click > save target as!)

As always, if you like, pretty please (with a cherry on top!) share it with everyone!

JOGGER - NEPHICIDE These little guys are fucking angry.  I love...


These little guys are fucking angry.  I love everything about this video, but my absolute favorite thing is that they take all this time to look super gnarly and the worst thing they can think to do on a sunny southern California day is to continually spill drinks.  Set something on fire?  No.  Spray paint curse words on buildings?  Nah.  Let’s knock that got_dam cup of Starbucks out that loser’s hand!  \m/ FUCK YEA! \m/ 

I also really appreciate the fact that one of them still goes to a picnic on the beach with his family.  Not even the great HROTHGAR himself can deny the majesty of the ocean.

The song isn’t bad either!

Just when I thought Youtube couldn’t bring me anything as...

Just when I thought Youtube couldn’t bring me anything as good as BARAKA FLOCKA FLAME - HEAD OF THE STATE (if you don’t know, please look it up!)  This combines two of my favorite things:  Poorly produced rap & 80’s classics!  Strap up your British Knights, son!   WALK LIKE BERNEY!