It’s no secret that I (SMiRK) love 2step, house & bass, and all that shuffley, wobbly, grimey goodness.  Since the name SMiRK is known for drum & bass I decided to do a little side-project with a different moniker for all things house & bass.  To kick things off I did a saucy little mix that kinda rums the gamut of things I love - say hello to EDDIE ARKADIAN!

photo watchyabins_zpse599259e.jpg

  1. B. Traits ft. Elisabeth Troy - Fever (Roll Out Mix)
  2. Nu Era - Give It All (Bass Mix)
  3. Arka - I Got What You Need
  4. Cleerbeats - Pull That Back
  5. Duke Dumont ft. AME - Need U 100% (Artful Bootleg)
  6. Stereo Mars - East London
  7. Snide - Get Back
  8. Rico Tubbs - Babylon Fall
  9. AC Slater ft. Tigerlight - Clouds On Fire
  10. Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne - My Love (Royal T remix)
  11. Kove - Love For You
  12. Bruno Mars - Treasure (DJ Kue Garage Edit)
  13. Petey Clicks - Da Feelin’
  14. Jay Robinson ft. Tigerlight - The Ride (Night Version)
  15. Royal T & Flava D - On My Mind (Verson Two)
  16. Conducta - Let Go (Distro Remix)
  17. New York Transit Authority - Swarm
  18. Stanton Warriors ft. Eboi - Jerk That (Mafia Kiss remix)
  19. Branko ft. Eloq & TT the Artist - Dirty Works
  20. Los Ghosts - Go Low
  21. Otto Von Schirach - Bass Low
  22. Donae'o - Check My Swagga Out (Mike Delinquent remix)
  23. Deekline & Ed Solo ft. Million Dan, Kidd Money, MC Flipside - Number 1 Champion (Mike Delinquent remix)
  24. Mike Delinquent ft. Lady Leshurr - Step In the Dance

You can download this heavyweight RIGHT HERE!  (right click > save target as)

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The Future Is Now (Garage)

We all loved back in 2000/2001 when 2step was that hot shit you cranked on a sunny day to get you in the drinkin’ mood.  If you weren’t a part of it you’re probably a big ass dork.  Or just young.  Needless to say I’m pleased as punch to see such a resurgence of this baller ass shit so I whipped up a little mix to show off some of my favorite things about what we’re calling “Future Garage”  Crank dat shit and sip dat shit!

heart dat shit

DOWNLOAD & SWAGGER!  (right click > save link as > touch yourself)



1. MJ Cole ft. Digga - Gotta Have It
2. Royal T - Whistle Song
3. Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Danny Dubbz remix)
4. Yasmin - Finish Line (Mike Delinquent remix)
5. Wideboys ft. Sway & McLean - Shopaholic (Future Garage remix)
6. Kry Wolf - Prototype
7. Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling (Sunship remix)
8. J. Majik & Wickaman ft. Dee Freer - In Pieces (Mike Delinquent remix)
9. Redlight - Source 16
10. Wiley - It’s Wiley (Royal T remix)
11. Swindle & Roses Gabor - Spend Is Dough (Royal T remix)
12. Aquasky - Take Me There (Jay Robinson remix)
13. Hostage - Energise
14. Katy B - Easy Please Me (Caspa remix)
15. Submerse - Shukka
16. Malente & Azzido Da Bass - Hunting (Slap In the Bass remix)
17. Rico Tubbs - Madness (Submerse remix)
18. Terror Danjah ft. Ruby Lee Ryder - Full Attention
19. Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Bass Face
20. Girl Unit - Wut (Claude Von Stroke remix)
21. Dark Sky - Neon
22. Example - Changed the Way You Kissed Me (Submerse remix)

KevinSync - The Vigilante

Man, EJ and I have been doing this site for a while now and I haven’t put up a goddamn lick of music! It’s shameful really. We’ve got a full-length, double-disc summer spectacular ready to drop in the next week, and we both have new DHDH podcasts coming in the next 1-2 weeks as well, but in the meantime, here’s a classic oldskool hardcore, 2-step, rap and breakbeat mix that I made hailing from allllllll the way back in 2004!


–> Introduction

 1. Moby - Go
 2. Wildchild - Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)
 3. Cubic 22 - Night in Motion
 4. Dune - Dark Side of the Moon (Mark ‘Oh Remix)
 5. East Side Beat - Ride Like The Wind (The Nodding Dog Mix)
 6. Phuture Assassins - Alone
    - MJ Cole - Introduction
    - Naughty - Mentally Ill to Kill
    - Hi-Tek 3 - Spin That Wheel (Bass-Apella Mix)
 7. Pragha Khan - Injected With A Poison
    - Naughty - Shots
 8. Big Boi - The Way You Move (Ft. Sleepy Brown)
 9. Scooter - Weekend (N-Trance Mix)
10. Oxide & Neutrino - No Good For Me (Ft. Megaman, Romeo, Lisa Mafia)
    - The Prodigy - No Good (Start the Dance)
11. Fischerspooner - Emerge (Daft Punk Remix)
    - Chingy - Holidae In
12. Oxide & Neutrino - Check Dis (Ft. Asher D)
13. Lectrolux - The House Is Surrounded (Lectrolux House Work Mix)
14. The Immortals - Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent on Revenge)
15. BT - Madskillz

–> 80’s Movie Credits