City Professionals

Before I start I must say this was written about the fine city of Cincinnati.  It may apply to your city, but if you don’t live in Cincy (or plan on visiting) you may want to move along because this is going to be a pretty boring read for you.  I will also do my best to not name-check any person who puts their time into this or places that host these events but I know that might prove difficult.

     Recently there has been a sea of he-said-she-said, petty arguments in this city (just like there are in every city, I’m sure).  This is nothing new. In my nearly 15 years of being involved I’ve seen this time and time again.  I, like anyone with good common sense, just ignore it. The standard scenario is this: Mr. DJ Man A has a beef with Mr. DJ Man B so each of them round up a team and they just talk this childish nonsense.  These people love to toss the word “professional” around.  It’s on the lips every newcomer, it’s in every status update, and it’s in every comment.  When I have the wonderful opportunity to play in other cities, this isn’t even an issue.  They know what they need and they get it done.  If you have to say or type the word “professional” you are already not that adjective.

     “This is only hurting them.” Is the common response to these things if you’re a decent human being.  If you’re not a decent human being you’ll instigate it.  But it is not just hurting them, it’s hurting me.  If Mr. DJ Man A “books” (more on that term later) me, then it’s safe to say a handful of Mr. DJ Man B’s friends won’t attend - and vice versa.  Not just me, but anyone not involved with your squabble over the 10pm time slot or the whopping $20 you didn’t deliver on.  The more people that vibe out the better, obviously. That also means the people who are just trying to showcase what they can do and have fun doing something they love are already under the impression they’re going to have to deal with shoddy equipment, no (or under) payment, or a host of other things that prevent them from giving it their all.  In fact, I just had a gig where I had to stop the music in order to get a light so I was able to see the mixer.  In the heat of the moment I shouted something like “this is ridiculous!” so I’m certainly not above anything I’m writing about.  The only thing that’s ridiculous is the fact that I myself wasn’t fully prepared (note to self - add small flashlight to bag!).  We’re only human, I understand that, just use your head before you spout off some bullshit (sometimes it’s hard for me to take my own advice).

     Another blight around here are the curmudgeons who’ve been “doing this since you were in diapers” and think everything you do and listen to is stupid.  Everything about these people is wrong.  we get things aren’t the same.  We get you don’t understand the music today.  I’ve only been around dance music for 15 years and shake my head at some of the drivel that comes out these days. That does not give you the right to be a complete and total asshole to everyone around you and still have the gall to ask us to show up at the event you convinced someone to put you on. “Oh yea, sure, I’ll take my valuable time and money to come out and watch you act bored behind the decks, dickhead.” I assume these guys’ parents forgot to instill the “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” rule.  Avoid them - they are toxic.

     Venues are another hot-button issue in this city; mostly because we don’t have many.  They are often overused and under equipped.  I can only think of a single space that has a nice booth and lighting but it’s not exactly geared towards the heavier end of dance music.  Why can’t I sip a fancy cocktail AND pull funny bass face in this city, dammit?! A plastic table that’s barely waist high set up in the corner with a single spotty monitor doesn’t really constitute a DJ booth.  We aren’t a very big city, and we’re an even smaller group of people that live for this music (which is why the infighting blows my mind) so it’s upon us to make sure everything is taken care of inside the building. And believe me when I say the little things go a long way.  A fan for the performer and/or gear, a light so they can see, making sure cords aren’t in the way, etc etc.  I can remember one time out of the last ten times I’ve played where the person organizing came up to me and asked if I needed a drink while I was playing. Many companies have realized that if they employee is happy the overall flow of business is far better. 

     While I understand some people are just exciting about the idea of a party, there is a difference between setting up at a retail location, handing out flyers, charging at the door, and all those things that come with what one would assume is production value versus setting two busted turntables on a desk at a house party and raging (GOD I hope that term fades away fast).  The sad part is there is very little distinction between the two.  The bar owners and stage hands do not care if the performing area is cleaned up and to the performers liking, nor do the kids who brought the items to be set up. To me, the bar is set unbearably low for dance music events in this city.  That may be because we aren’t such a big city with the kind of budget needed for entertainment but it could also be many people in this scene just lack self worth.  I’m not saying every event has to be Hakkasan level, but if you’re trying to harken back to the old, stripped down warehouse days at least inform the performers so they are prepared.

     Remember when I said we’d talk about booking later?  It’s later.  Let’s replace the word “book” with the word “hire.”  If you hire me, you expect me to do a job and I hope to exceed expectation.  After the job is complete payment is due.  “Promoters” often think that since I love what I do and that it’s just a hobby any amount will suffice.  This is where “promoters” become insulting.  I have worked very hard to cultivate a following.  I’ve made many friends in all areas and genres of not only this city, but many cities around the country. Even after 15 years I practice every single day. I sit at my computer and comb blogs, label websites, my email, dig through past hits, and whatever else I can to generate something that not only I’m proud of but something I feel confident the crowd will enjoy.  I would love to be catching up on TV shows with my wife or flying a kite or whatever the hell I want to do, but I don’t because this is important to me and I want to do a good job.  Between that time, the 30+ minute drive to the venue, and the performance, you really think a twenty dollar bill is fair exchange? 

     There are newcomers that think “playing for exposure” the best way to come up.  That’s what the internet is for. The art of the mixtape has been lost and it’s a goddamn shame. When you feel confident enough to show your very first set off to the world put it on a website.  Get hard copies made.  Generate some excitement behind yourself before you set your controller down on that waist high table and play for a handful of people who’ve never heard of you for free. You’re setting the example to “promoters” that everyone will play for exposure (aka - for free). Just for the love of god don’t do some sorry six tune mini-mix and think it’s going to go viral.  Why mixes have become 20 min. or less and not 60 min. or more is beyond me.  I won’t even listen to something that’s 14 min. long because that’s not long enough to get a sense of who you are.

     I know this lengthy article is redundant.  Anyone who’s been around has seen everything I’ve talked about more than once.  They’ve even seen written pieces exactly like this one.  I doubt anyone is even going to read it.  I wrote it just to get it off my chest. The bottom line is have some self respect.  Take pride in what you do.  Don’t be afraid to say no if you think something isn’t worth your time.  Don’t settle for mediocre. And for the love of god treat everyone fairly.  The entire community will benefit from it.

EDDIE ARKADIAN is back again with a robotic, pixelated journey...

EDDIE ARKADIAN is back again with a robotic, pixelated journey to the sun!  Or just a fun mix of fun jams.

1. Gemini - Robots
2. Acid Drink - Secunda Palabra
3. Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes
4. Felipe Maxime - Zero
5. Far Too Loud - Acid 9000
6. Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin’
7. Mat Zo - Lucid Dreams (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
8. Aeroloid - A New World
9. Imprintz & Kloe, J. Scott G - Return of the King
10. Tomas Balaz - SAL
11. Cash Cash - Overtime (Vicetone remix)
12. Nitro Fun - New Game
13. Felipe Maxime - It’s Adventure Time
14. Hellberg & Deutgen ft. Splitbreed - Collide
15. Model Style & Custom Drops - Blazing Lazers
16. E-Cologyk - Electro Warriors
17. Merk & Kremont, Dannic - Anubi
18. ComixZone - Megaman
19. Vicetone ft. Collin Mcloughlin - Heartbeat (Rogue Remix)

If you know anybody that likes big, video-gamey sounding electro mixes, I’m pretty sure this one will hit their G-spot.

A little promo for a big monthly!

A much-liked monthly is returned to my town of Cincinnati called PRESSURE.  I was fortunate enough to be tapped to rock out at the first one next month and in hopes to generate as much attention as possible I did a little promo for the event (which is 8.21.14).   It’s 24 tracks in about 45 minutes and hopefully touches a little something for everyone!


1. I Am Legion - Make Those Moves (Teddy Killerz Remix)
2. Audio - Heads Up
3. The Upbeats & Insideinfo - Espilon
4. Neonlight - Heavy Bettie
5. Noisia - Oh Oh
6. Maztek & Cern - Multiverse
7. Fourward & Friction ft. Jakes - Battlescars
8. Dimension - Crowd Reaction VIP
9. Ulterior Motive - M.I.R.
10. Metrik ft. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love
11. Lynx - Shimmy
12. Major Look - Kid$ of 2moro
13. Supreme Being - Loco
14. Recon - Flava (Supreme Being Remix)
15. DJ Sly & Pacso - 5 Tones
16. Six Blade - Punks
17. North Base & Jenna G - Beats So Loud
18. Dimension - Digital World VIP
19. Technimatic - Not Perfect Love
20. SecondCity - I Wanna Feel (Brookes Brothers Remix)
21. Smooth ft. Shaz Sparks - Sky’s Gonna Break
22. Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires
23. Logistics - Somersaults
24. Wilkinson ft. Tom Cane - Half Light


It’s no secret that I (SMiRK) love 2step, house & bass, and all that shuffley, wobbly, grimey goodness.  Since the name SMiRK is known for drum & bass I decided to do a little side-project with a different moniker for all things house & bass.  To kick things off I did a saucy little mix that kinda rums the gamut of things I love - say hello to EDDIE ARKADIAN!

photo watchyabins_zpse599259e.jpg

  1. B. Traits ft. Elisabeth Troy - Fever (Roll Out Mix)
  2. Nu Era - Give It All (Bass Mix)
  3. Arka - I Got What You Need
  4. Cleerbeats - Pull That Back
  5. Duke Dumont ft. AME - Need U 100% (Artful Bootleg)
  6. Stereo Mars - East London
  7. Snide - Get Back
  8. Rico Tubbs - Babylon Fall
  9. AC Slater ft. Tigerlight - Clouds On Fire
  10. Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne - My Love (Royal T remix)
  11. Kove - Love For You
  12. Bruno Mars - Treasure (DJ Kue Garage Edit)
  13. Petey Clicks - Da Feelin’
  14. Jay Robinson ft. Tigerlight - The Ride (Night Version)
  15. Royal T & Flava D - On My Mind (Verson Two)
  16. Conducta - Let Go (Distro Remix)
  17. New York Transit Authority - Swarm
  18. Stanton Warriors ft. Eboi - Jerk That (Mafia Kiss remix)
  19. Branko ft. Eloq & TT the Artist - Dirty Works
  20. Los Ghosts - Go Low
  21. Otto Von Schirach - Bass Low
  22. Donae’o - Check My Swagga Out (Mike Delinquent remix)
  23. Deekline & Ed Solo ft. Million Dan, Kidd Money, MC Flipside - Number 1 Champion (Mike Delinquent remix)
  24. Mike Delinquent ft. Lady Leshurr - Step In the Dance

You can download this heavyweight RIGHT HERE!  (right click > save target as)

<3 <3


This time of year is always my favorite.  The few weeks right before Summer when everyone’s excited that it’s finally warm and there’s leaves on the trees and blankets on the beach.  Every year I try to do a mix that captures a few of the vibes I really like to feel in this time and they’re always the most fun podcasts to do.  So here’s 2014’s Summer mix:

photo summer2014-2_zps26a56724.jpg

You can feel the sun on your skin and in your brain HERE HERE HERE

I will put it on soundcloud with a tracklist in a few days.  For now just grab it on my little ol’ blog in the link above  :)   SHARE AWAY!!!  <3


 photo e8c82563-3164-4fcc-85f9-2677f8e95d63_zpsbf1e4851.jpg

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR PRIDE!  (right click > save target as)

  1. 1. Joe Ford ft. Tasha Baxter - The Moment
  2. 2. Animal Defection - Donkey (Hanzo & Randie remix)
  3. 3. Blue Screens - Strike One (Part II)
  4. 4. Loadstar - Under Pressure
  5. 5. Dabs & Safire ft. MC Lowqui - Hideout (June Miller remix)
  6. 6. Dimension - Crowd Reaction
  7. 7. Optiv & BTK - Zero Tolerance
  8. 8. State of Mind & Perceive - Mr. Cover Up (Neonlight remix)
  9. 9. Ed:It - Sound Killer
  10. 10. Taxman - No More Anthems
  11. 11. Rene Lavice - Where My Ladies At
  12. 12. Dementia, Rregula & Disphonia - Doom Loop (Mefjus remix)
  13. 13. State of Mind - No Operative
  14. 14. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm
  15. 15. Mob Tactics - Wasted
  16. 16. Insomniax - Digital Murder
  17. 17. Delta Heavy - Apollo
  18. 18. Black Sun Empire - Don’t You (State of Mind remix)
  19. 19. Fourward - Phase Align
  20. 20. Bohemian - Moonstruck
  21. 21. Mefjus & Insideinfo - Mythos
  22. 22. Emperor - Precursor (Mefjus remix)
  23. 23. Rockwell - Sick of It All

If you like it, why not share it with someone else?  :) 



Take the ride HERE! (<== Right click > save target as)

1. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Nicaragua
2. Swindle ft. Terri Walker- Running Cold (Roni Size remix)
3. Cyantific - Ice Cream
4. Metrik - Break of Dawn
5. Ray Foxx ft. Rachel Collier - Boom Boom (L-Plus remix)
6. Tantrum Desire - Fly Away
7. I See Monstas - Evolution
8. DJ Fresh ft. Rizzle Kicks - Skyhighatrist (instrumental)
9. DJ Friction ft. Arlissa - Long Gone Memory
10. Dimension ft. Bailey Tzuke - All I Need
11. Six Blade - Lightbox
12. DC Breaks - Proton
13. Koven ft. Folly Rae - Make It There (The Prototypes remix)
14. Fred V & Grafix - Basilisk
15. Crystal Castles & Feed Me - Love Is All I Got (Friction remix)
16. Sub Focus - Turn It Around (TC remix)
17. Wilkinson - Like It Hard
18. Danny Byrd ft. I-Kay - Red Mist VIP
19. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Serious Business
20. Chase & Status ft. Moko - Count On Me (Andy C remix)
21. Break - Music Is Better
22. Wilkinson ft. Becky Hill - Afterglow
23. Metrik - Out of the Fire
24. Ad-Apt - Need Your Love (Cyantific remix)
25. Sub Focus - Endorphines (Fred V & Grafix remix)
26. Wilkinson ft. Iman - Need To Know
27. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (L While remix)
28. Dimension & Skankandbass - Arcade
29. Ellis Dee & Twista ft. Marie Louise - Touch Me (T-Phonic remix)
30. Mindscape - Ultrasonik (Magical Gravity remix)
31. T-Phonic ft. Katie’s Ambition - All Night Long
32. Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Sigma remix)
33. Spectrem ft. Beckon - Catch Me If You Can
34. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Breaking Badboy
35. Dizzee Rascal - I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift remix)

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Gaining the Edge!


This is a fairly aggressive new mix that rolls from moombahton to drum & bass and finishes with a few big trap joints!  As always, if you listen (please do!) and like it, PLEASE share it with someone!  Share it with EVERYONE!  <3 <3

Gain the edge and crush the adversaries RIGHT.HERE.

1. Delta Heavy - Empire
2. 501 - Smash!
3. Dodge & Fuski, Culprate - Vice
4. DJ Kentaro - North South East West (Tha New Team remix)
5. Far Too Loud - Trailmixing
6. Jacob Plant ft. Majestic - Mosh Pit
7. Figure & Nick Thayer - Astro
8. The McMash Clan - Shere Khan
9. Koven Ft. Folly Rae - Make It There (Habstrakt remix)
10. Stylo G & Sister Nancy - Badd (TC Remix)
11. Nu:Logic - Grizzly
12. Tha New Team - One Fifty One
13, Carvar & Clock - Miskatonik (Joe Ford remix)
14. Addergebroed - Shadows (Culprate remix)
15. Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary
16. Phace - Shitstorm
17. DC Breaks - Gambino
18. Mind Vortex - Gravity
19. The Qemists - No More VIP
20. Mind Vortex - Catapult
21. Andy C - Work Out
22. L-Plus - Rock That B
23. Dose - Bounce Off
24. DC Breaks - Slugs
25. Hive - Neo (Audio Remix)
26. Chase & Status ft. Pusha T - Machine Gun
27. Kairo Kingdom ft. Vice - Take That (Filth Collins remix)
28. Phetsta - Drop That
29. Linkin Park - I’ll Be Gone (Vice remix Ft. Pusha T)


It’s been a little while, I know.  But this was worth the wait, I promise!  A butt load of feel good tunes, a touch of electro, and then some of them neurofunk slammers to round it out.  As usual, if you listen (please!) and like it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it!  <3

1. Danny Byrd - Throw Ya Hands
2. DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn - The Feeling
3. Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 - Carry Me On
4. Hamilton - U Had It
5. L Plus - Faces
6. Monsta - Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero remix)
7. DJ Fresh & Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique - Earthquake (Delta Heavy remix)
8. DirtyPhonics & Foreign Beggars - No Stopping Us (Smooth remix)
9. Fourward - All That Matters
10. Dilemn - One More
11. Dillinja - Twist Em Out (Proper Villains remix)/Dillinja - Twist Em Out
12. Loadstar - Warrior
13. Zed’s Dead & Omar Linx - Cowboy (DC Breaks remix)
14. Wilkinson ft. Arlissa & P-Money - Heart Beat (Mind Vortex remix)
15. Wizard ft. Rebel MC & Lady Chann - Phenomenon One (Benny Page remix)
16. Telekinesis - Diablo
17. Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup
18. Neonlight - Computer Music
19. Rudimental ft. Alex Clare & John Newman - Not Giving In (Ed Rush remix)
20. Optiv & CZA - Journey Inwards
21. Example - All the Wrong Places (Calyx & Teebee remix)


Let me help guide your spirits to the highest of places with this mix!  28 spirit liftin’ tunes running the gamut from drum & bass, electro, moombahton, trap, and back again!  In the coming weeks I’ll have Spirit Guide Vol. 2: Dark — so you best be gettin’ on that yin & yang life, son!

photo 76271370-7752-4368-b391-2010ec131285_zps0296d16f.jpg


1. Mr.Groove - I Don’t Care About Tomorrow (Blame remix)
2. Raw Theory - Flight Path
3. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo - Easy (Mediks bootleg)
4. Hashtag - Language Barrier
5. J-Majik & Wickaman - Lift Me Up
6. Mind Vortex - Arc
7. Loadstar - Refuse To Love
8. maxNRG - Danger Zone
9. Disaszt - Till the Sun Comes Up
10. A-Trak & Zinc ft. Natalie Storm - Like the Dancefloor
11. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - One In A Million (Wideboys remix)
12. Danny Howard - Apex
13. Shock One & Metrik ft. Kaiza - Lazerbeam (Skism remix)
14. Milo & Otis - Siren (just one)
15. Shock One & Metrik ft. Kaiza - Lazerbeam (skism remix)
16. Shock One & Metrik ft. Kaiza - Lazerbeam
17. Jenn D - Lose It (Loadstar remix)
18. Wilkinson - Take You Higher
19. Brookes Brothers ft. Haz-Mat - Love Line
20. Shimon & James Marvel - Ice Block
21. Danny Byrd - 4th Dimension
22. Delphic - Baiya (Brookes Brothers remix)
23. Tantrum Desire - Guided Rhythm
24. Fleur & Cutline - Broken Mirror (Tantrum Desire remix)
25. Fleur & Cutline - Broken Mirror (Specimen A trap remix)
26. 12th Planet & Mayhem ft. Pennybirdrabbit - Whoops
27. Nicky Romero - Symphonica (Bare remix)
28. Silver Medallion - Stay Young (Udachi remix)

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Dance Hard Die Hard badman Hyperkid (aka Knight Call) has put together a saucy little juke mix just as the weather heats up here in Cincinnati!  He got dem cuts from Riff Raff, Leatherface, Prime Slime, Candyman, DJ Spinn and more.  Crank this shit and step ya footwork game up!

Grab the mix HERE!  (right click > save target as > twerk)

As always - PLEASE repost if you’re feelin it, leave a little love, and drop Hyperkid a tweet @djhyperkid

<3 <3


It’s been a couple months since I’ve done a podcast and for that - I’m sorry.  It’s been a hectic few months for me and for all of the DHDH fellas.  I got married in Mexico to my wonderful girlfriend of eight years!  You hear her every time you listen to a podcast - she’s the voice in the intro!  It was BEAUTIFUL down there.  We’ve also been doing some house hunting which a huge pain in the ass.  Hyperkid got married to his lovely wife Whitney (my wife was the photographer), and Kevinsync’s baby boy turned one!  Big life thangs.

I am set to be back on track with (hopefully) two podcasts a month from now on - so let’s celebrate, bitches!

Earthworm Jim can SUCK IT!

Grab that slippery, slimy bitch HERE HERE HERE!!!  (right click > save target as)

1. The Upbeats - Undertaker
2. Calyx & Teebee - We Fall Away
3. Mindscape ft. MC Coppa - Critters
4. Dom & Roland - Strobe
5. Neonlight & Receptor - 800 Pound Gorilla
6. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Tripel
7. The prototypes ft. MC ID - Blackout
8. Mindscape - Bubblegun
9. Ulterior Motive & FD - Drum Circle
10. Enei - Centrifuge
11. Insideinfo ft. Girl X - Real World
12. Optiv & BTK ft. Sam Willis - Understand
13. Mindscape - Warp Zone
14. Rockwell ft. Kito & Sam Frank - Childhood Memories (Neosignal remix)
15. John B Ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Connected (McMash Clan remix)
16. Bluescreens - Trap
17. Hashtag - Shit Bangs
18. Xilent - Do It
19. Spor - Ziggurat
20. State of Mind - Azwell
21. Mob Tactics - Peroxide

If you weren’t sure you wanted it before, but then saw the tracklist and said “holy shit that looks slammin!” HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN!

Thank you guys again - and PLEASE tell someone and share the SHIT out of this!  <3 <3  Next one January 1st!


This project we’ve had on the back burner for a while - it was in a pot steamin’ & brewin’ but now it’s time to stir it up - watch out don’t let it burn you, boo!

PROPHETS & PROFITS is a collaboration between SMiRK, a cold mafucka who’s heart beats are 808 kicks, and i-EL, one of the most versatile MCs to land in Cincinnati in a hot minute.  It’s a small collection of dark, rolling drum & bass tunes selected & mixed by SMiRK accompanied by bars upon bars from the mind & lips of i-EL.  Press play, throw your hood up, and let your head swim around in the warehouse vibe.  Big heads burnin’ duckets!


1. June Miller - Walls of Jericho
2. Ulterior Motive - Divergence
3. Mayhem - Shibuya
4. Break - Framework
5. Dom & Roland - Rollstar
6. S.P.Y. - Bloodshed
7. Gridlok - Dirtball
8. Upbeats & Trei - Wear & Tear
9. Cern, Dose, & Teknik - Huntsville
10. Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race
11. Neonlight - Frozen Tape
12. State of Mind - Dead in Detroit
13. Treo & NC-17 - Black Magic
14. Spinline - Medellin
15. Royalston - Late Nights
16. June Miller - Snap Case
17. Jade & Mastif - Hyperion
18. Imprintz & Kloe - Tzolkin (Xilent remix)

DOWNLOAD HERE! (right click > save target as > become a tru_hed)

A super special shout-out to Nick Ray for the engineering!


We here at Dance Hard Die Hard champion those local (*cringe*) DJs and producers who have seen the bigger picture and are head & shoulders above the droves of people who haven’t quite seen the aforementioned ‘picture.’   My friend Firecat451 is one such person.  Being involved in the Cincinnati/Columbus scene for what we in the biz call ‘a grip’, he’s been able to maintain a steady flow of crowds & fans as well as stay up front in the music game.  Oh, he also MCs sometimes ;)

Since he and I have worked together so many times I invited him to give us a little exclusive somethin-somethin.  This is what he delivered.  An hour of feel-good bass for the windows down changing of the seasons!

Netsky - Love has Gone (Dub Phizix Remix)
Amaning - Waters of Mars (Original Mix)
Nu Direction - Soul Function (Original Mix)
Rusko - Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Benny Page feat. Mr.Williamz - Top Rank Skank
Baby Demo - Must Be A Sign (Refix)
Murda - Ganja Farmer (Original Mix)
Dj Ku - Junglistas Massive (Original Mix)
Jaybee - Lessons Learned (Original Mix)
Aphrodite - Superman (jungle remix)
Aphrodite - I Got Five On It (dnb remix)
Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Marky & Bungle Remix)
Dj Fresh ft. Ravaughn - The Feeling
Erb N Dub - Drum Addict (Original Mix)
Maroon 5 - One More Night (SRP Remix)
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th (Terravita Drumstep Remix)
State of Mind & Axiom - Deadzone (State of Mind Remix)
Feint - Horizons feat. Veela (Stan SB remix)
Isaac Maya - Just Be Good To Me

Get hip HERE HERE HERE!  (right click > save target as)

The 70 min. Getaway

Here is my latest full length mix!  A hefty collection of drum & bass, dubstep, and trap that I’ve been using to make the walls of my home shake violently for the last few weeks!  Enjoy the shit out of it!

grip the shaft

Buckle up & push the pedal to the metal HERE! HERE! HERE!  (right click > save target as > drift out of reality)

1. Matrix & Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham - All I Know (Smash & Grab mix)
2. Loadstar - Bomber
3. Shock One - Way You Move
4. Mattix & Futile - Burn Out
5. Tantrum Desire - Get With It
6. Sub Zero ft. Grimm - Why Can’t You See
7. Shufunk - Nasty Girl
8. Loadstar - Passenger
9. Stanza - Runaway (Disaszt remix)
10. Dodge & Fuski - Come Again (Phetsta remix)
11. Delta Heavy - Get By (174 mix)/(original)
12. 501 - Chasing Stars
13. Hirshee ft. Sue Cho - Hold On to Love (KillaGraham remix)
14. xKore - Stabs
15. Stinkahbell ft. Psy:am - Hot Poo/Doctor P ft. Jenna G - Neon (Roksonix remix)
16. Filth Collins - Bomb Bass
17. TNGHT - Goooo
18. Willy Joy - Eyes Wide Open
19. Lunice - I See You (Girl Unit remix)
20. Foreign Beggars ft. Donae’o - Flying To Mars (12th Planet’s Martian Trapstep mix)
21. Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2Chainz - Mercy
22. Filth Collins - Show Your Teeth
23. Birdy Nam Nam - Goin In (Skrillex remix) [Goin Down Hard edit]
24. DC Breaks & Skism - Killer (Tantrum Desire remix)
25. Far Too Loud - Lightbringer
26. Konflict - Messiah (Noisia remix)
27. Mark Knight ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia remix)
28. Upbeats & Noisia - Blindfold
29. The Prototypes - Pandora
30. Nymfo & Black Sun Empire - Battlefish
31. The Prototypes - Abyss
32. DC Breaks - Move Closer/DJ Hazard - food fight (VIP)
33. Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Tom Cane - Through the night (club mix)

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out!  As always, if you like it, please please PLEASE share it with everyone!  <3 <3


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